Looking Great at Work: From Business Casual to Hygiene - DVD

Looking Great at Work: From Business Casual to Hygiene

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People do judge you by what you wear and how you look. Help your students dress and look their best at work with this brand new video. 

Viewers learn how to interpret four levels of "business casual" dress:

  • Baseline casual is for employees who don't deal with customers. A t-shirt and jeans or a denim dress fit the baseline description.
  • Mainstream casual is the dress code for employees who face customers. Typical outfits feature shirts without collars, khakis or chinos, and loafers or deck shoes for men. For women it includes skirts, sweaters, a blouse with tailored pants, and flat leather shoes.
  • Traditional business casual is the next level and includes more formality.
  • Executive business casual is close to traditional business wear. A sport coat or a blazer replaces the suit. For women it often means a conservative suit or high quality skirt.

The video also explains the traditional white collar business look and teaches how to knot a tie.

Part Two of this very practical video gives advice on hygiene and grooming from tooth brushing and face washing, to bathing and hair care.

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