Ready-to-Wear Apparel Analysis,
Fourth Edition - TextbookReady-to-Wear Apparel Analysis, 4/e, Brown and Rice

©2013 Pearson Education, Hardcover

by Patty Brown and Janett Rice
ISBN 978-0-13-310989-4

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Taking an industry approach, this edition will acquaint beginning fashion merchandising students with how apparel is mass produced and how to evaluate its quality and understand its cost. Basic terminology for the fashion industry is also covered. This book is written in an easy-to-understand manner. Many in the industry have commented that it is the first book they've ever seen that really "tells it like it is." It is widely used as a classroom textbook in colleges and universities nationwide and internationally and is used as a reference book in textile and apparel testing labs worldwide. NOW COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED BY A GROUP OF SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS and CONTAINS FULL-COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY!


  • Now features a "bonus chapter" on the related soft home fashions industry.
  • Real-life case studies help students apply what they are learning to solving problems faced by people working in the industry.
  • This book is organized to reflect an industry approach to apparel development and assembly which helps students understand the context in which decisions are made and appreciate the complexity of the process.
  • Contains over 200 illustrations and color photos which serve as visual examples of levels of quality, product failures, and terminology.
  • Students get exposure to merchandising and assembly decisions, and the cost and quality results.
  • Excellent global focus, making this book useful for fashion product developers worldwide.
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Table of Contents

1. Overview of the Apparel Industry: The Big Picture.
2. Government Regulations and Labeling: Communicating to Customers.
3. Apparel Quality: The Priority of Industry and Consumers.
4. The Mass-Production Process: The Apparel Industry at Work.
5. Shape, Silhouette, Style: Focus on Design Development.
6. Sizing and Fit: The Keys to Competitive Advantage.
7. Fabric: The Essential Quality Indicator.
8. Findings and Trim: More Quality Indicators.
9. Stitches: Holding the Garment Together.
10. Seams and Edge Treatments: Providing Structure.
11. Preliminary Garment Assembly: Parts and Panels.
12. Garment Assembly and Finishing: Pieces Into Products.
13. Soft Home Fashions

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